Made under pressure

Hello, my name is Diamond Fuse. I’m 28 a college grad, an ex felon, and a mom of two with one on the way!!! Life has given me what I’ve asked for even when I didn’t know that’s what I asked for. I did a YouTube video for a company called Fresh out I gained a lot of views and summed up my story is bigger and bolder than I’ve accepted. From high speed chases to rape; from robberies turned into homicides; from grandparents strung out on drugs to lively hood being substained by drugs. The twist and turns too my real life is a roller coaster experience turning into an amazing novel for so many to relate to or just soak up some game. Help me on my journey as I self heal while compose a novel that will change my life.

Author: Diamond Fuse

I'm a product of rape, born to a teenage mother raised by a pharmaceutical abuser. So what is the odds of success for my future?

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