Preface part 1

I can’t believe this nigga tried to rob me. After all the love I show with this hustling shit. These broke niggas always trying to fuck up the game.

We right here in the middle of the map where the only thing they no is stress. I come threw with the cali plug and can’t run threw a whole pack without the scum of kc showing their true scandalous Kansas mentality.

Getting back into the game I knew the risk that came with it. There were plenty of ways To take a lose in the game like losing packs in transport, middleman’s running off with a fronted pack and fucking up they lifeline over crumbs, or not having the product for the price my circle required; and of course getting smoked in a robbery.

In my heart I decided years ago I wouldn’t go back to slanging dope. I had painted the image of dealing drugs As being back at the bottom of the pyramid. Waiting on one man to go to work and bring you his income and in return you supply his habit. But this time it was different.
I wasn’t nineteen slanging crack with some young cats down in the projects in a crackheads house; or out of my car getting in high speed chases at the sight of every police car.

Here I am twenty seven black female; an ex felon with a college degree a kid and one on the way. And I elevated you can say in the drug game. I took a vow to never provide a product to the streets that I wouldn’t smoke myself.
Mary Jane was the product and the squad was way more established than the flunkies I associated with when I caught my first dope case.

I had my own spots now to conduct business out of and the re up wasn’t a few hundred dollars. I was a mini queen pin compared to every other hustler I knew in the game. Running threw twenty packs in days and keeping the bread flipped to maintain my investments and previous labor.
And I think that’s where I began to pick up my frienemies. Like flint Michigan the water was tainted but instead of lead and iron it was diluted with hate and envy. Knowing the environment I chose to set up shop in this shit came with the territory

Author: Diamond Fuse

I'm a product of rape, born to a teenage mother raised by a pharmaceutical abuser. So what is the odds of success for my future?

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